Aquarelle , Blush, Tint

Beautiful Lips Everyday

Everyone wants to wake up beautiful.

No better solution than with Aquarelle LIPS.

Our clients have been looking for a way to help make their appearance look brighter and healthier.

First step is to help with the coloration of clients lips.


  • Starter Kit & Ink
  • Color Matching
  • Color Mixing
  • 1 Live Model Procedure


Day 1:

  • Introduction to Skin
  • Safety and Sanitary
  • Infectious Control
  • Drawing and Mapping

Day 2:

  • Lip Color Matching
  • Lip Color Wheel
  • Practical on silicone lips
  • Makeup drawing technique

Day 3:

  • Color Theory
  • How to properly clean and undress your stations
  • Demonstration on live model
  • 1 Live model overview
  • Completion of Master Class Certification